Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Audience for George Ritchie

An Audience for George Ritchie is a fundraising event at Jersey Arts Centre on Wednesday 22 September comprising a performance of James Saunders' Games by the ever-inventive Jersey Arts Centre youtheatre followed by a concert by Le Rocquier Big Band for the second half.

George Ritchie was Jersey Arts Centre's first director when it opened its doors in 1983.  In 1984 he directed a production of Lorca's Blood Wedding in the chapel at Trinity Manor in which I had a small part.  It was my last public performance (happily!) but it was a wonderful experience and helped inspire a strong attachment to the newly blooming arts centre in St Helier.

Jersey owes a great debt of gratitude to its Arts Centre directors who have ensured that it is cut-off only by water and not by ideas or inspiration.  They have brought world class performers and artists to the islands and, as importantly, helped to encourage, nurture and develop creative talents and to stimulate debate.  Long may it continue!

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