Sunday, March 6, 2011


                                             because of the tree
                                             because of its branches
                                             because of its leaves
                                             because it is green
                                             because of your hands
                                             because of your hands in soil
                                             because you planted it
                                             because it is solid
                                             because it has roots
                                             because it will grow
                                             because of the wind through it
                                             because of the dawns and the sunsets
                                             because of the birds
                                             because of their wings
                                             because it will change colour
                                             because it will look the same
                                             because it will outlive us
                                             because of the earth
                                             because of the sky
                                             because of your breath
                                             because of the moon
                                             because it is silent
                                             because I hear wings
                                             because of the silence
                                             because of the stars
                                             because it's a symbol
                                             because it is fixed
                                             because it will grow old
                                             because it’s not me

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