Sunday, March 1, 2015

21 ghosts

1                 the ghost of an unknown soldier
2                 the ghost of an unborn baby
3                 the ghosts lost in no man’s land
4                 ghost images on photographic films never developed
5                 the ghost of the marriage I never had
6                 the ghosts of people who have aged in my house
7                 the past lives of my atoms in the universe
8                 the ghost conversation I plot in my mind
9                 the ghost endings in my dreams
10              the ghostly fizz of the big bang
11              ghosts of dead stars in the night sky
12              actors ghosting in old black and white films
13              ghost radio stations broadcasting into space
14              ghost languages of lost tribes
15              the ghosts of all genetically-possible people never conceived
16              everything before the big bang
17              the ghost the world becomes when I close my eyes
18              mobile phone calls to the newly deceased
19              your voice on my answerphone
20              our last conversation in my head
21              the ghost of me

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