Saturday, June 24, 2017

Made with Love

calls  to  me
whispers  come  here
   bring  your  bag  of  ghosts     let  us  celebrate
bring  your  laughter  to  echo    your  stories    your  songs
I  will  envelop  you    protect  you    be  your  sanctuary
I  am  a  blueprint  for  your  future     a  centre     hub     nest   
nexus     carapace      a  fixed  point  on  your  map  of  life
your  orientation     your  space  in  the  universe
a  shell    a  shelter  from  weather  wildness  wuthering
a  sleep  palace     a  theatre  for  your  dreams       
be  pillowed    quilted    star-kissed    cradled  by  time
   recharge  rebuild  recover  root    make  new  memories
       be  remembered  here     love  and  be  known
the  worn-out  places  will  show  where  you  lived  best
your  footsteps  will  mark  the  way  here  for  others  to  find  you

Monday 5 June - Saturday 1 July 2017

Highlighting the plight of refugees worldwide as part of Refugee Week in Jersey, this exhibition in the Berni Gallery at Jersey Arts Centre is a creative collaboration between refugees and Jersey artists.

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