Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Someone told me recently that, after seeing Inception, they realised in a dream that they didn't know how they got wherever they were (one of the ways you know you're dreaming in the film.)

I had a dream like that last night - I was in a minibus travelling to a hotel on a Greek island to meet a friend (good dream) and suddenly thought 'How did I get here?' aware that I didn't have my passport with me and couldn't remember packing (which normally involves neurosis, lists and repacking).  Arrived at the hotel I was uneasy because it had no name, I wouldn't be able to find it again and hadn't booked.  But my name was in the register and I was given the key to room 118 - unfortunately this didn't seem to exist in the tortuous layout of the building which was cluttered with dozens of old electric cookers. I could hear my friend speaking to someone on my mobile, although I hadn't called him, and he promised to join me in a couple of hours.

Anyone else had an Inception-inspired dream recently?

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