Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zazous! Zazous!

It's good that there are new theatre companies springing up in Jersey, the latest being Off The Rock Theatre which will present Zazous! Zazous! 14 - 18 September.

According to the blurb, Zazous were 'disaffected youths who just want to party, dance to swing music and dress in their own distinctive style' in wartime occupied Paris.

It will be interesting to see how war and fashion mix in this production, especially for me since this was my parents' era - although they were in occupied Brittany not Paris and neither, as far as I know, were Zazous!  My father was deported to work as a forced labourer in Germany and my mother worked as a seamstress/dressmaker, carrying her sewing machine around on her bicycle.  She still talks about the secret dances that were held and she loved fashion.

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